Fees of Chinese Lessons with Different Settings

This page shows a list of tuition fees with regard to different kinds of lessons. Depending on the size of the group and some other factors, group discounts may apply for any of the following settings:

  • Family lessons;
  • Corporate lessons or workshops;
  • Group lessons if you can form your own group.

Any type of face-to-face (i.e. in-person) lessons are also offered at students' place, extra charge may apply, depending mainly on the location of your place. Please contact us for details.

Tuition Fees with Different Class Settings

Class Typesa Duration Fees/Person
Beginners Group Lessonsb 1-3 hours From $11.95/hour
Children's Group Lessonsb 1-2 hours From $15.95/hour
Other Group Lessonsb 1-3 hours From $13.95/hour
Family Lessons TBD TBD
Corporate Lessons TBD TBD
Semi-Private Lessonsc
1 hour $25.00
2 hour $39.00
Private Lessonsc
1 hour $38.00
2 hour $68.00
Live Online One-on-One Lessonsd (via Skype) Up to 2 hours Better rate than face-in-face (in-person) private lessons, email us for details

Please Note:

a No registration fee is charged for all types of lessons.

b For any scheduled group lessons, a full payment is required in advance, and no refunds are offered after the first lesson. However, credit may be available, some conditions apply.

c Special rates available for all types of private lessons if a certain number of lessons are purchased in advance.

d Live Online One-on-One Lessons are offered through Skype, and the rates are better than the face to face private lessons. Email us for details.