Tianzige: Handwriting Sheets

Some Chinese learners often ask such questions:

  • How to write Chinese characters (i.e. hanzi or kanji) so that they look balanced and neat?
  • Are there any specific sheets or paper available for Chinese writing?
  • Can we write Chinese characters along with their corresponding Pinyin (or Pin-Yin) together?

Yes. Students often use character writing sheets, or tianzige (tian-zi-ge) for their writing practice. In general, such sheets can be divided into two types: (1) Sheets for writing characters only; and (2) Writing both Chinese characters and their Pinyin. Usually, the Pinyin is written right above each Chinese character.

No matter you are learning Mandarin or Cantonese, Simplified Chinese characters or Traditional ones, tianzige is perfect for you to practice handwriting skills.

Tianzige for Characters Writing Only

It's a printable PDF file, that can be downloaded here.

Tianzige for Writing both Characters and Pinyin

Download and print the writing sheet for your handwriting practice. Click here to download it.