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Live One-on-One Online Mandarin Chinese Lessons

Over the last few years, more and more people take our Live One-on-One Online Mandarin Chinese lessons (via Skype), so that the commute time and expensive gasoline is no longer an adverse factor for them to learn Mandarin at home. At present, it is about 90% students taking advantage of the "high tech" method. Of course, it is more suitable for one student learning at a time.

Features of the Live One-on-One Online Lessons

We have been offering live one-on-one online Mandarin Chinese lessons with the following features:

  • Suitable for both adults and kids;
  • Only handy equipment needed, such as computer, Internet, webcam, microphone;
  • Various courses available to meet your needs;
  • Experienced professional teachers;
  • Flexible schedule: the day, evening and weekend;
  • The lowest rate;
  • Guaranteed progress.

We kindly encourage you to take our Live One-on-One Online lessons through Skype. On one hand, it is the most efficient way to learn and we can see, hear, speak and write each other, just like in a traditional classroom setting; On the other hand, it has the most flexible schedule, and we can customize every single lesson in order to meet your needs; Last but not least, one just pays for the lessons he will actually take (provided that we are informed of his cancellation in advance), on the contrary to scheduled group lessons that students pay in full at once, no matter how many lessons they would miss during the course period.

Special Offers

At present, special offers are available for the Live One-on-One Online lessons. Email us for detailed information.

How Efficient?

According to our experience, the efficiency of a 2-hour private online lesson is equivalent to at least a 3-hour scheduled lesson ($30 value). Plus, no one can guarantee he would be able to take all the scheduled group lessons due to the potential health, family or work issues etc.

We aim at the fastest and most efficient way to achieve all students goals. Please contact us for registration or inquiries.

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