Ottawa Chinese Language Learning Centre
Chinese Crash Course: 101 (Beginners)

To meet the needs of Chinese learners, we are proud to offer Crash Course: Chinese 101 course for beginners. Very small class size.

The Crash Course 101 focuses mainly on developing and practicing skills in conversation. It is designed to help beginners speak and understand Mandarin Chinese as much as possible. It is suitable especially for travellers, businessmen, visitors, and exchange students. Two of the most important features of this course are as follows:

  • Diversity of Topics: We will deal with a wide range of topics and practical situations in Chinese, in order for students to be able to make practical and situational conversations.
  • Intensive Training: In class, every student will get substantial chance to speak and interact with the teacher in Chinese.
We aim at the fastest and the most efficient way to achieve every student's goal. Sign up or inquiries by email. Private or individual lessons are also available.
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