Ottawa Chinese Language Learning Centre

Play N' Learn Chinese: Junior Class

Early childhood is the ideal time to learn new things, and learning a language is a very natural development at this age. This course is designed for children who are novice in Mandarin Chinese in order to give them the best opportunity to develop their basic Chinese language skills.

In a child-friendly learning environment, students learn standard Chinese while playing, singing and drawing. The “Play N' Learn” approach can make every single lesson full of fun and learning activities. With focus on oral Chinese, basic writing skills are also taught as part of this course in order for students to get a sense of written Chinese.

Play N' Learn Chinese: Senior Class

This course is designed for children who are able to speak and understand some daily Chinese and are looking forward to improving their Chinese language to a higher level.

The class will be full of fun and practical materials, games and movies. By focusing mainly on practicing and improving their skills and knowledge of spoken Chinese (Mandarin), students will also have plenty of time to enhance their reading and writing skills and Pin-Yin (or pinyin), a very powerful tool for self learning.

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